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74th Sri Lankan Independence Day

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2022)

Happy 74th Independence Day to all my Sri Lankan Friends.
Sri Lanka, the gem of the Indian Ocean. its vibrant cities, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and incredible wildlife, the island nation has many other stories to tell.
On 4th Feb 2022, this great nation is observing its 74th political independence from the British rule. An interesting fact I just came to know that Sri Lankan flag also known as Lion Flag is considered to be the oldest flag in the world, dating back to 162 B.C. The bo leaves in the flag represents Buddhism, Orange Hinduism and Green represents Islam.
I am still indebt to the hospitality of friends from SLRC (public broadcaster of SriLanka) who were the host of AIBD’s General Conference in 2019. The memories of moonsoon winds and the waves of Galle Face beach are still fresh. Long live this beautiful nation.