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About Nabeel Tirmazi

Nabeel TirmaziNabeel Tirmazi is a TV broadcaster and a media consultant with extensive experience of working in television media,  both tape and live television.He has authored a book on television post-production (in collaboration with UNIDO Pakistan) and one with the name of ‘storytelling in media’. Nabeel is a regular contributor as a columnist and feature writer in various international magazines including ‘Broadcaster’, and now working in Malaysia as programme manager for Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Management (AIBD).  He has delivered lectures and presentations in various countries on the aspects of broadcast management related to Mobile Journalism, 360 media management, Trans-media and highlighting SDGs on media.

Nabel Tirmazi holds a master degree in Marketing management and has an experience of over 18 years in electronic media. He began his career as a lecturer of graphic designing and development in Pakistan back in 1999. In 2001, he moved to television industry as a post production manager and script writer for Uni Plus TV, one of the earliest private satellite channels in Pakistan, where he developed his skills and advanced rapidly as online producer, scriptwriter, researcher, and director of local and network programming.
He has directed and produced a good deal of research-based programming, majorly in the subject of behavioral sciences, literature, mysticism religion and other magazine based programs. Some other the genre included music, economy and healthcare. He directed a TV drama series,‘Khoj Kahani’in 2007, based on various short stories from foreign literature, in which he acted as well.
In 2013, Nabeel Tirmazi joined Pakistan Television, the public broadcaster of Pakistan. He produced breakfast show, World This Morning for PTV World, Pakistan’s premiere English channel.  The show focused on various social issues in both local and global context.
Later he shifted his career to international relations where he worked on the policy level for Pakistan Television Corporation and produced documentaries for international media fraternity. Some of his documentaries earned him international recognition and were screened at various events especially organised by Pakistani missions abroad.
Apart from his television career, he established various web portals and social media campaigns including Pakistan’s first ever web TV on the economy with the name of Pkeconomists, which became a syndicated partner of Hindustan Times till 2013. From 2006 to 2011, he appeared as  a graphologist (Handwriting analyst) in his one of his TV shows based on behavior psychology.
Other Activities:
  • Travel Blogger and an active Google local guide
  • Working on an R&D project by Google (Google crowd source) to promote Urdu language and Pakistani culture (volunteer)
  • Mentoring 360 filmmakers