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Artist Sponsorship Agreement

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

As mentioned above, in addition to the unique performances that an artist must, the duration of the sponsorship contract is also very important. In particular, the “duration” or duration of the agreement is essential to determine in advance. This is particularly the case when sponsorship is exclusive to a specific category. Generally, a shorter period favours an artist because it gives them the opportunity to explore other brand sponsors, including a potential competitor. PandaTip: This music sponsorship proposal is a simple document for small and medium-sized businesses that you want to approach as potential sponsors of your group. Below, you`ll find examples of rules that list a brand`s potential artistic performance as well as a language that grants exclusivity to the business class. Below is an example of a clause that gives a sponsorship brand the right to use an artist`s name and image during sponsorship and to terminate the company`s right at the end of the life. This is a sponsorship proposal or partnership with [Band.Name]. The document describes our current status and our audience and gives you details on how your brand can work with us to reach and engage our audience through sponsorship. Sponsorship of musical artists is one of the best ways to reach an active and engaged target audience while being extremely affordable.

Here is a breakdown of the fees we charge from our partners and sponsors: the sponsorship of musical artists is a true partnership with both parties, which contributes to the success of the other. In addition to an affordable sponsorship fee, you must provide: PandaTip: Use the model price table to view the sponsorship fees for which your potential sponsor is responsible. Sign up below to approve our sponsorship proposal for musical artists. We will contact them to arrange a meeting to discuss the next steps. [Sponsor.Company] Talent may also be required to create a brand logo on the musician`s website, social media platforms and perhaps organize “in-store” events or other personal appearances on behalf of the company. It is therefore advisable to enter into an agreement to list the frequency and content of the statements published by the artist on behalf of the brand. It also means that the company can make available to the musician a prefabricated “copy” of the text for all contributions on social networks for which the artist is responsible. A company may attempt to include non-competitive provisions to prevent the artist from cooperating with a competitor for a period of time after the expiry or termination of its sponsorship contract.

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