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Curtin Student Confidentiality Agreement

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2020)

Patient information can only be communicated with the patient`s express consent to parties outside the health service. Disclosure of information generally requires written consent for the patient`s signed disclosure. Oral agreements can only be accepted if the patient and staff agree that the circumstances do not require the formality of a written agreement. The university health service respects the usual principles of professional secrecy as well as the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The information provided to AccessAbility Services is confidential in accordance with the privacy statement of Counselling and AccessAbility Services. However, there are certain privacy limitations that are outlined in the policy. Please note that advisory and access services are required to report employee misconduct. B, including moral harassment, harassment, inappropriate staff and student relationships, unreported conflicts of interest and criminal behaviour at Curtin University. This document is available in other on-demand formats on (08) 9266 7850 or by email [email protected] information may be disclosed without a patient`s consent if: Counselling and AccessAbility Services maintains records on all clients in accordance with the usual principles of professional liability. An access consultant can help you decide when it may be appropriate to disclose a disability and how best to do so. Learn more about disclosing a disability.

Your Curtin access plan may contain some information about your disability or health if you are familiar with this disclosure. Find out what each document is for and how to get a copy. Your medical records are confidential. The policy of this practice is to maintain the security of personal health data at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized employees. Subject to point 3 below, customer information can only be disclosed with the client`s express consent to parties outside of liability and access services. To manage your course, submit a call, change your data and more. The legal obligation includes circumstances such as a court summons, a valid search warrant or any other legal requirement in effect at any given time.


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