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Elected as VP.PR YMCA KL Toastmasters Club

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)

Though I never consider myself good at public speaking, but thanks to my Father’s library, while I was a kid, I got to read many books written by Dale Carnegie on this subject. Following simple rules, constant practice and lots of self talk helped me to get my first college scholarship, my first job at 18 (my first job was to teach power point using the rules set by Dale Carnegie for delivering presentations to 50+ years old professionals) and eventually ended up in media industry with no mentor and till now I believe that whatever I had achieved is because of my ‘average’ competency in communications. On 16 January 2014, I produced an episode of World This Morning on ‘Public speaking skills’ with Mr Syed Kamran Rizvi and Mr Usman Gulzari where they mentioned an international organization named ‘Toastmasters’, a 95-year-old club which focuses on the improvement of communication and leadership skills. After some weeks, I invited a vibrant individual named Mr Qamar Sheraz, former President of Toastmasters international Islamabad Club, the guy really made me think, despite knowing something about public speaking skill, I have so many weaknesses to cope with. Recently, I got a chance to attend a demo meeting of Toastmasters at YMCA Kuala Lumpur. The moment the meeting ended, I decided to give myself a chance to enhance my skills, as they say, the best investment is investing in yourself, I immediately signed up for the programme. As it was a historic moment for YMCA KL, 114 years old organization to host this club, as soon as elections were announced, I once again stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to run for one of the position, thus ended up as the first Vice President of Public Relations of the club. Though I still need to learn a lot, but I think such steps are necessary to take great leaps in life.