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Golf Club Catering Franchise Agreement

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

Remember that this is a bilateral exercise involving several stakeholders – the committee, the manager, the franchisee and, finally, the members. Our wish now is to enhance the clubhouse experience of our members and visitors by improving the service and quality of the clubhouse, the beverage service and the general atmosphere to meet the changing needs of the modern golf community. The clubhouse is friendly and welcoming with a spacious bar, lounge, dining room and balcony offers the opportunity and potential to develop increased use of facilities. Key attributes are the ability to manage all aspects of clubhouse services and control costs within an approved budget, while increasing revenues and profit margins. Please don`t be discouraged by this list! If you have a bar service, much of what you do there can be simply applied to the catering business. 5. What know-how do you have in welcoming large functions? If you are looking for the right franchisee, please note that section 6 deals with termination. First, it provided that the franchisor could terminate the contract immediately because of gross misconduct by the franchisee or similar situations. He added: “Otherwise, any party may terminate this contract without four months` notice or the period that applies to the parties.” This wording suggests that the franchisor could effectively terminate the contract within the initial three-year period, as it is clear that the termination of the misconduct provision worked during that period.

In addition, the term “otherwise” suggests that termination (for no reason) must take place within that time frame. However, counsel for the franchisee argued that this interpretation of section 6, paragraph 4, would deprive any practical application. At trial, the Landgericht rejected the franchisee`s argument and ruled in favour of the franchisor. He found that the franchise agreement had initially lasted three years, but that the usual meaning of the express terms of the agreement, when read as a whole, is that the parties are not included in a three-year contract and that the franchisor may terminate immediately for misconduct or, failing that, terminate one of the parties in writing , without justification, with a delay of four months. In my interviews with associations, I have seen salary percentages between 25 and almost 80 per cent! You`ll never win with these labor costs – but you may never have wanted to. Maybe you just wanted to offer a service! I always tell Chaps! I hope I didn`t touch the nerve there, but these are real comments made to me by well-meaning club leaders who all wanted to turn things around. These people do so either with our help or at least question the opinions expressed previously on gastronomy. The franchisor, because of its strict interpretation of the explicit wording of the relevant clauses, considered that it had the right to terminate the contract after one year of operation.

The judge at the first hearing accepted the franchisor. However, the Court of Appeal disagreed and upheld the franchisee`s interpretation of the agreement. In this decision, the court considered: – Ensuring the smooth running and efficiency of the operation of the daily food and beverage activities in the clubhouse, in order to provide alcoholic beverages, beverages and food as well as monitoring the previous golf club catering experience would be beneficial, but more importantly, the successful candidate should be able to show the ability to provide an excellent and varied culinary experience for members and visitors, from bar snacks to large dinners and events. A club`s strategy for providing members and visitors with food and beverages should be obvious, but in reality it is unclear and is more short-term than long-term.


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