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In 2005, Nabeel Tirmazi started producing a program named “Chamakdey Taray”, The shining stars, a TV program on understanding the definition of success by studying various traits of successful people of all walks of life. He not only acted as director and producer of the show but also appeared as graphologist, thus making himself the first Pakistani graphologist appearing on mainstream electronic media. Since then, he has been delivering lectures on the subject blended with NLP models, and behavioral sciences. The unique blend of traditional occult sciences like numerology, astrology and Chinese mian xiang with science of graphology makes the canvas of whole subject broader along with the models of NLP and Time line therapy. Currently he is working on Time line therapy model and grapho-therapy for the subject of organizational behavior. You can visit the whole playlist on graphology on youtube, at the moment they are in Punjabi language, but soon it will be subtitled in English too. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL08AD5B3F91111352 Fears in our Handwriting y-loops in our Handwriting Celebrity Analaysis