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Hand Over Agreement Sample

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2021)

Exporting critical transfer forms, photos, and documents takes seconds, not hours, and all your recordings are reliable and professional. Properly organizing your project information from the beginning – with a dedicated system like Dashpivot – ensures that you go into a site transfer with all your ducks one after the other. Site transfers often contain many moving parts and can elicit very different emotions and reactions depending on how smoothly the site is handed over. But beyond the communication of a site transfer, what can a customer or contractor do to ensure that the delivery of the site goes as planned. A letter of delivery can simply serve as confirmation of a site transfer, or it can contain more details that help the new owner or operator understand what has been handed over and what has not been handed over. Site transfers bring new complexity to a project, as the status quo and normal operation, which have been going smoothly for weeks, months, even years (hopefully) come to a halt – and a new normal follows them. This checklist (as you can see below) should cover all elements of a site or project transfer, including files, licenses, insurance, and access and defect agreements. We are pleased to hand over this entity to [insert company name] and appreciate the ongoing support and support from you and your employees. If you have any questions about the above, please contact [Insert Name] at [Insert Phone Number].

At most sites, the site shed is a small part of the total length of the project. The handover of the site is the conclusion and the culmination of all these weeks, months or years of work. Unlike a project transfer form, a letter is a simple letter format like the sample letter you see below. Projects can move away from you, and when site transfer arrives, you`re not able to pass on a well-researched website to a client or contractor. A transfer letter is one of the tools used by clients, contractors and subcontractors to transfer the load of the project and location to another party once their work is considered complete. I am writing regarding [insert project or location name] to confirm the delivery date and occupancy of [insert location/building, etc.] with effect [insert date], as has been discussed with your team. This letter serves as confirmation and approval of various aspects of the handover. You want your website transfer process to be orderly and professional, and you want your website transfers to be as clear and concise as possible, so that you don`t run into problems and disputes afterwards.

While a letter of delivery is a great compliment to a formal project transfer document, it should not serve as the primary method for communicating a project transfer. If you stay on top of quality, safety, and business issues during project implementation, make sure you don`t have any headaches at the end of the project and issues that interrupt the transfer phase of the project. . . .


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