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Happy Baisakhi 2018

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

Rangle Punjab di Sift Sunava Vae jithe Rab vargian Maavan

Dharti panj darya di raani jis da Sharbat varga paani

Rangla Punjab mera Rangla Punjab

The season of wheat harvesting has come back with all its joys, merriments and concerns.

Few years back, Pakistan was among top five producers of wheat, however because of environmental change, reduction in the cultivation area, challenges in irrigation system as well various concerns of farmers with respect to their profits, the rank has dropped to eight.

Special prayers for the farmers who not only strive to sew, ensure and reap the wheat yet adapted with numerous financial and climatic challenges to nourish us with one of the best wheat in the world.

May this season of festivity bless us with joy, love, hapiness and everlasting peace.

Happy Vaisakhi 2018

Pics Clicked by: Ali Syed