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Hertz Rental Agreement California

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

(iii) Notwithstanding the clause (ii), if the rental vehicle has not been returned after one week after the return date agreed in the contract or one week after the expiry of the return date. (1) “Additional fees” are fees other than a base rental rate per period set in the business program. (1) The estimated costs of the parts that the owner would bear to replace the damaged parts. (1) GPS-based technology, which provides navigational assistance to the occupants of the rental vehicle, when the renter does not have information about the passenger`s use of the rental vehicle obtained by this technology, is not accessible or receives information on the use of the rental vehicle, with the exception of the detection or repair of a defect in the technology , and the information can only be used for this purpose. Third-party liability is required for ALWAYS, so make sure you have it. For others, decide if you want to pay the extra fee before going to the rental office. For many overseas visitors, non-collision declarations for calm and California regulates the price, so there should be no difference in the cost of coverage between car rentals. 2. This section does not exempt the lessor from the information to be provided in the text of a contract or an owner in which the contract is awarded; In or on an ad with a rental price or in an offer or reservation by phone, in person or by computer. The only insurance coverage required when renting cars in California is the liability of third parties.

Of course, many people choose to get insurance that goes beyond what is prescribed by law. Drivers must also have proof of liability (insurance card or rental contract when purchasing liability insurance), as required by law. A driver may leave the rental company`s property without liability insurance. But it wouldn`t just be illegal, it`s ridiculously stupid. The cost of this error can be enormous; a driver without liability insurance responsible for an accident is personally responsible for all claims.


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