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Kdu Internship Agreement Form

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2021)

Through Global Care Development, students and alumni can find information about: At KDU College Damansara Jaya, students go through the success program that includes: First Year Experience – A continuous program that facilitates students` transition to university, strengthens their academic skills, develops their soft skills, and offers them a platform for professional training. Yes, all internships are under standard UCD contract, known as internship contract and signed by the university and the internship provider. This agreement will be sent to you once you have appointed an intern and must be returned before the internship begins. The host society should have adequate insurance cover with regard to the use of student trainees. UCD engineering students who complete PWE internships are subject to the university`s civil liability policy, details of which are made available to you with the internship contract. Students who are organizing their own legal practicum should ensure that they read the Student Information Guide before applying. This is how you apply for an application form completed by E-Mail with the necessary documents for the approval of the internship coordinator until the due date. To help you think carefully about the type of internship you want to do, how to get the most out of your internship, and what you can get out of the internship to help you in the future career choice, read the following resources prepared by Careers Central: If an internship has been insured, The Law School will manually enroll you in LLB397/3397. We believe that practical experience is an important part of legal education.

In fact, we are the only law school in Australia to require all students to complete a law internship as part of their law studies. .


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