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Leaders: Masters or Mentors?

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

Contemporary leadership style is way different from the previous eras. Earlier leaders were only considered being a charismatic/inspirational individual with a certain moral principals taming and guiding his/her followers. The definition of leadership has been changed over the years, now it demands more than being inspirational for the followers, good leaders are those who enable such kind of environment to create more leaders and act as mentors, and that I believe is the gist of the enabling environment. HR industry has been using many tools over the years just to manage the employees based on their strengths and weakness (even I used to to that with the help of ‘ graphology ‘) but the same tools can devise strategies to magnify those strengths and minimizes the impact of their weaknesses.
This click was taken in 2012, while recording a branded programs for simulcasting on 16 different TV channels…As a producer I picked all the youngsters from the channel, so I can use their passion of learning, and still proud of their work..Now most of these guys are heads of their departments…