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Lecture on Confirmation Bias & Disinformation

Confirmation Bias & Disinformation
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2021)

Ever wondered that despite all the evidences, facts and figures are available in favor of your favorite political party (or sports team celebrities or whatever ‘insider information you have from your WhatsApp groups’), many of your friends still support the opposite perspective? As Mark Manson says “You are wrong about everything but so am I”. Confirmation bias is an unconscious process which leads all of us to believe in whatever we want to believe in and the filter bubbles (algorithm used by social media to curate your favorite content) makes the whole thing worse. Confirmation Bias & Disinformation I would like to thank HWPL Korea (Elly Yoon & Alex Kim) for the inviting me to deliver a lecture on Confirmation Bias and Media Literacy. Representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and South Korea attended the event. So next time if you receive an “exclusive content” ask this question whether you want to be a disseminator of some kind of propaganda or you want to investigate more before posting it for your followers. #Medialiteracy #confirmationbias