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National Bargaining Council For The Clothing Manufacturing Industry Collective Agreement

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2021)

The Cap Clothing Industry Provident Fund (CCIPF) was established on March 12, 1954. It exists in collective bargaining under the auspices of the National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry. The LRA contains certain guidelines and provisions for the establishment of a bargaining board. The Council`s trade unions and employers` groups should represent the majority of workers and employers in the sector. The National Bargaining Council of the Garment Industry (“Bargaining Council”) has entered into a collective agreement between the relevant stakeholders (“Agreement”). It was announced that the deal, which is not yet available, will guarantee about 80,000 workers during and after the national lockdown full pay for six weeks. Wages are paid by employers` funds and by payments from the worker`s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). The Fund is a defined contribution contingency fund, which means that contribution rates (both members and employers) to the Fund are set from the outset and amended from time to time only by agreement between the participating employers and the union. The bargaining council said the agreement was sent to the Ministry of Employment and Labour to extend it to non-parties within the sector. We will keep you informed of developments in this regard. The Labour Relations Act (LRA) provides for the establishment of bargaining councils for each of South Africa`s major sectors. Collective agreements are composed of representatives of the major trade unions and employers` groups in each of the sectors and their main objective is to reach consensus on the conditions of their specific sectors. The conditions agreed by the councils are included in a collective or main contract.

The main agreement allows each sector to develop, by consensus between work and employers, conditions adapted to this sector. State Rules and Guidelines – Coronavirus Covid-19 The main objective of the Fund is to provide good pension benefits to members who reach retirement age. . . .


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