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No such thing as ‘self-made’

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

The days are over when people used to think flying solo or working for yourself is the key to success. The context of motivational books written in 30s & 40s, it was all about the advocacy of pursuing personal passions only, tirelessly working on that passion and network with one goal in mind, ‘to reach at the top’ (sounds like an ethical guide for opportunists). Such books were written in the era of great depression and rise of capitalism. Economies needed such individuals who could be exploited with the magical words like ‘self-made millionaire’, ‘dream big’, ‘rags to riches’, ‘only you can do it’, ‘we need you’. World has changed a lot from 30s or 40s, the definition of ‘success’, ‘ failure ’, ‘ networking ’ and even for the word ‘society’ are much more expanded now. Though I still consider the ‘text books’ written by Thomas Stanley, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill as a must read but I suggest youngsters to read contemporary writings as well on such subjects. Authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Greene etc have redefined the definitions we used to tell ourselves in the course of our personal struggles. Just saw ‘Leaders eat last’ by Simon Sinek at a local bookstore and as usual it looks promising. What are you reading these days?