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Palm Container Night Market – Siem Reap

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

Despite of the historical significance of Siem Reap, the city is also famous for its nightlife and trendy culture. Opposite to magnificent Sokha Siem Reap hotel, Palm container night market is also one place not to be missed even if you are having a short trip to this city.  
Though the trend of cargo container markets came significantly from Thailand, Cambodia has now many of its own signature container markets in many cities.
Artistically designed and joined, these containers not only host local clothing brands and miscellaneous accessories and gadgets but also the restaurants, pubs, Kids’s Park and a gaming zone and live music stage enhances its vibrance especially at the night.
At the entrance there are two large statues of ‘Transformer’ famed Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee.
The shops inside offers cheap and affordable clothing especially t-shirts, slippers, jeans etc and also replicas of branded watches, sunglasses, tripods, selfie sticks, etc.
Because of recent Korean wave in southeast Asia, many of the restaurants within such markets offer Korean cuisines apart from Khmer traditional food.
I liked the shopping experience and for me the best part was that the whole place was clickable for my social networks. Let me know, which other container markets you visited recently, so I can add it to my wish list. Dont forget to watch the 360 video tour of the market