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Role of Civil Soceity for SDGs 2030 (Urdu)

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2019)

Video blog on the role of Civil Society for Agenda SDGs 2030, recording during my visit to Manila, Philippines for Regional Exchange Programme 2017.

00:00 Challenges regarding implementation of SDGs in Pakistan (presentation during Civil society Forum) 02:10 Role of Social Engineers 05:32 Progress in ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) in Pakistan 07: 29 My projects regarding ICT in Pakistani Media 08:20 Lack of integration regarding SDG progress & Pakistani Political System 08:48 Systems exposed through Social Media & Emotional Manipulation Algorithm 12:47 How to support but question your political influencers 15:56 Your contribution towards a better society 17:23 How and why to have faith in current system