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Stepping in 40s

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2021)

FInally stepped in 40s 🙂 This 35 years old picture gave me goosebumps…the day when I had my first Computer “Comodore 64” on my birthday and my Father taught me to use PrintShop Pro to write “Happy Birthday” ….there are so many things in this picture which can nervous anyone…in last 40 years, Televisions replaced by LEDs or Mobile Phones, Rotary Telephone Sets replaced by Mobiles, VHS cassette replaced by memory cards, Books by e-books, PrintShop Pro replaced by Adobe products, 64K memory Computers replaced by sophisticated gadgets like Hand-held tablets, PCs, and again Mobile Phones…but one thing might never change….its our love as parents that their children can adapt to the upcoming future and trends….Definitely would like to thank my Father Tasawar Tirmazi for installing passion for books, technology, ICT and devising solutions for a better tomorrow for everyone.